Thoughts on Loosing Weight

Rather than buy a bunch of books and other BS, let me drop some science on your straight from Silicon valley on weight loss.

Note:  This is anecdotal science straight from a sample of 1 at its best.

  1. Eat less food
    • (cut overall intake at least 30%)
  2. Eat better food
    • (cut anything with sugar or that metabolizes to sugar: sodas, breads, pasta, fast food)
  3. Exercise at least 5 days a week
    • (so sorry to bust your bubble, but this is key)
  4. Get more sleep
    • (yep, really… like 7+ hours min)
  5. Drink a buttload of water
    • (scientific amount to be sure)
  6. Reduce your stress
    • (I’m so effing serious here. The exercise and sleep does help some here)
  7. If you got this far, then you should drop like 10lbs every 2 months.

Now, that you have the harsh truth, get out there and get it done.

Note to self:  Please follow your own advice 🙂

Sources:  Dr. Padge